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Yoshi Fright Story

Yoshi paced and paced. "When is it going to come?" he thought to himself. He was waiting for the "Extreme, Intense, Super Mario Game System" to arrive. "I can't wait!". A wind blew over. The sky was deep gray, with wind rushing to the other side of the field. A beat-up old truck rustled down to Yoshi's home. "Is this it?, has it really come?" he wondered. A tall dark handsome koopa stepped out of the truck. It was odd. "Why would a sophisticated koopa like that drive an old rusty truck?" Yoshi didn't pay much attention to this. He grabbed the package, signed for it, and waved goodbye to the quite sophisticated koopa.

After the koopa left, Yoshi rushed inside. He looked at the instructions. "Oh no, this is written in the wrong language! It is written in English." Yoshi took his lessons in English from Mario and Luigi. He hadn't practiced lately. "Oh well, there still are pictures." After quite a while Yoshi was convinced he had figured it out. So he connected A to B, and B to C, and finally A to D.

He turned the system on. Music popped out of the system like advertised on TV. Yoshi played and played. He soon reached level 68, and finally was going to challenge Bowser. A bright flash illuminated Yoshi's room. Thunder roared overhead. "What's with the weather?" Yoshi thought. The game was fried. "Oh no!" he cried. The screen made a fuzzy, streaky picture. "Oh no, do the other games work?" He quickly popped out the game and stuck another one in. "Hmmm... Mario's Ghost House? I wonder what this is about."

He turned on the power again. Music crept out of his TV, whistling and strumming charmingly. Yoshi crept into corners, bopped on villians, and leaped through levels. Mario was on the screen of course. Yoshi was having a blast. "This is fun." he said out loud. "But it would be even more fun, if I was in the game." he added. Loud claps of thunder filled the sky. Rain pounded onto the roof and the windows. Strong gusts of wind blew, whistling to him. "What's with the weather?" Yoshi thought. Suddenly, wind burst through the windows, and glass scattered the floor. Yoshi's head was spinning, no the room was. Objects flew into the air. "This is just like the movie I watched last week" Yoshi thought. His house was spinning similar to the house in "The Wizard of Oz."

A remote control conked him on the head. The pain came up to him.
"Youch!" screamed Yoshi. "That hurt!"
And then, the remote struck him again. The room went dark.

Part 2