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Yoshi Fright Story

Dim light shined over Yoshi. He opened his eyes, dazed. "Where am I?" he thought. Yoshi got up and looked around him. He was in a dark room lit by candlelight. He turned and saw a long mirror. In it he saw a green Yoshi and a fuzzy blob. He blinked and cleared his eyes, but the blob was still there. The blob started to move. It was heading straight for Yoshi. As it moved closer, Yoshi recognized it. It was one of the ghosts from the game. Shocked, Yoshi jumped and bopped it on its head. The ghost faded away. Yoshi continued to fight and defeat the translucent spooks. He crept into corners, bopped on villians, and leapt through levels just like Mario had. Yoshi was having a great time.
"This is easy!" he thought aloud.

"Oh Really?!" boomed a voice out of nowhere.
The room melted away in a blur.
"Oh no!" Yoshi found himself in a strange place. The wind whistled quietly. An eerie silence was settled over the place. Yoshi looked around him. He found himself looking around a chilly dark catacomb (an underground cemetery with chambers and tunnels). "This must be the secret level. Alright! I've found it." "So brave in the face in danger, aren't you?" said the loud booming voice. Yoshi began to be scared. Hmmm...., is this a dream? thought Yoshi. This is just like what happened when I met Pete. But my bear was with me. "Oh no, what if this is real!" "That's right!" the voice said. A eerie laugh from nearby. It echoed on the stone walls. Yoshi ran blindly through the stone tunnels. Wait! I should fight, he thought. He ran back and saw a faint translucent blob. Yoshi tried to bounce on it, but he couldn't see clearly. "You'll never save the princess now!" said the voice. Yoshi tried to bounce on it again using his acute sense of hearing. Yoshi missed again. What am I going to do now?, thought Yoshi. "I'll save you!" a voice exclaimed. The princess ran in and dusted the air with powder. Yoshi saw the ghost covered with powder and bopped on it many times, but the it seemed unaffected. The ghost started throwing stones, but Yoshi caught them with his tounge. Yoshi and the princess threw the rocks back at it. Annoyed, the ghost took out a bunch of hammers, and started throwing them too. Yoshi and the princess decided to start running. They ran and ran blindly with the ghost following close behind them. Finally, they found the exit. Outside, rain was pouring and the wind was howling. Yoshi and the Princess sped out of the tunnel. The ghost went out after them. It grew large and got ready to throw the hammers. Suddenly, lightning struck it. Yoshi and the princess felt electricity flowing from the ground. The ghost was shocked and dropped the hammers. It blew apart with a boom. A falling hammer fell onto Yoshi's head, and he went unconcious again. Next thing Yoshi knew he was back home sitting with his fried video game system. Not again, Yoshi thought. Yoshi decided to throw out his fried video game system. He was happy to be home. But did he really escape the video game system?