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Our first special:   Yoshi's Melon Patch Guide

Welcome to Yoshi's Melon Patch. This is a special of the melon patch. We will guide through the site and show you our features. You probably can't see everything in one stop. Feel free to visit again and continue your tour. Bookmark the Melon Patch for reference.

Stop 1
For our first stop, go the the Music Selection and pick a choice.
There are six choices to choose from. Each of them are part of a video game theme. None of them are labeled so you will get a surprise when you click on one.

Stop 2
Now that you are about see the features of our site you should click on Frame Wallpaper and download the wallpaper for your desktop.
This is a wallpaper created for use on your computer. There are three yoshis, a melon, and a highlighting light in a wooden frame.

Stop 3
While the wallpaper is downloading, go to the Voting Booth and place your votes.
There are three questions that I am polling. They're [What is your favorite game on Yoshi?], [What is your favorite yoshi color?], and [What is your favorite fruit in Yoshi's Story?].

Stop 4
Now there are 3 choices. You can read the Yoshi stories, take a look at the Art Gallery, or take the Yoshi Quiz.
Yoshi Stories
The Yoshi Stories are about Yoshi based on the games Yoshi was in. There are six stories to choose from including the Grand Yoshi Adventure. Most stories have more than one part and in fact the Grand Yoshi Adventure has three. The Stories came out weekly before, one each week. Stay tuned for more stories.
Art Gallery
The Art Gallery is a showcase for yoshi fan art. If you have a picture that you would want displayed in the Art Gallery that is related to Yoshi, please send it to us
e-mail as an attachment.
The Yoshi Quiz
The Yoshi Quiz is a basic quiz for Yoshi fans. It isn't that hard for most fans. Nearly everyone who took did very well. Test your knowledge of Yoshi. By the way I'm coming up with a new quiz, made from questions that visitors from our site send us. If you know of a good Yoshi question for a quiz (not too hard I hope) send it to me by e-mail (include answers please!).

Stop 5
And for our fifth and final stop you can click Tell us what you think, Sign the Guestbook.

Thanks for visiting Yoshi's Melon Patch, and come back soon. We will be updating soon!

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