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Mario Party

Yes! That little dino has made his way to another Nintendo game. In Mario Party, Yoshi has his own stage (board). It's name is Yoshi's Tropical Island. In Mario Party the goal of the game is to collect coins to buy stars. There are 50 mini games in which you collect coins. The whole game is based about a board game. There is a board for each player even one for Bowser. Play this one with your friends. To find more info go to the official web site at
The basics of the game
To win the game, gain the most stars in a selected time period. When stars can not determine the winner, the player with more coins wins. If they have the same amount of coins also, the player who rolls the highest number wins.
Stars are bought from Toad for twenty coins. Beware of Bowser who will steal coins from players. Boo will steal coins from other players for you for free, and a star for fifty coins.
Yoshi's Tropical Island- Two yoshis have been separated by water filled with whirlpools. Your goal is to reunite them.
A beautiful Yoshi Paradise... choose a path, gather a few coins, take a stroll along the beach -Watch out for Bowser!
Landing on the "?" space will make Toad and Bowser switch places! You can try to switch the places of Toad and Bowser on your opponents. Bowser will sell them a "lifesaver" to help the two yoshis, but it will break- and cost them thirty coins!