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Yoshi Story #3

Yoshi was going to Poochy's place to have lunch. "I'm sure hungry! I wonder what we are having for lunch?" Yoshi said. "I hope we can have grapes, bananas, apples, and best of all MELONS!" Yoshi's stomach was growling.

When Yoshi got to Poochy's place, Poochy was not there. Yoshi looked and looked but could not find him. He did see an assortment of tasty, sweet looking fruits. "No, I can't eat now. I have to find Poochy." said Yoshi. He looked around and found him at the market. It turns out Poochy had gone shopping for fruit. "Why are you buying fruit when there is already plenty of fruit at your place?" Yoshi asked. "I've invited my cousin Little for lunch." Poochy answered. "How much could Little eat anyway?" asked Yoshi. Poochy paid for the fruit. There were 300 bunches of bananas, 504 watermelons, 394 apples, and 258 bunches of grapes. Poochy and Yoshi dragged it home in a huge wheelbarrow.

They went back to Poochy's house. Little was already there. He was pretty small. The little dog was 6 inches tall and 10 inches wide. "Well, what are we waiting for? Let's eat!" Yoshi exclaimed. Little devoured the fruits fast! Poochy had enough but Yoshi didn't get a bite. "Wow, you're a big eater. Just the kind of dog I like" said Yoshi. Good thing Little didn't like melons and Yoshi had some to eat.

A huge growl alarmed them. "What's that noise?" they asked. "That's just my stomach." said Little. "Let's go find more food!" he exclaimed. "Good thing, this island has a lot of food." Yoshi said. "Why don't we have an eating contest?" asked Little. They agreed to meet at Poochy's house next week for the contest. "We better gather lots of food!" Poochy said.

Yoshi Story #3 Part two

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