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Yoshi Story #3 Part Two
The Big Eating Contest

Yoshi, Poochy, and Little had bought loads of fruit. It took them two hours to carry it and into had to be split into 10 loads. Yoshi and Poochy piled the apples, grapes, bananas, and melons, on a large table into three heaping mountains of tasty looking fruit. The fruit had been divided equally among them. Naturally, Lakitu took position as judge. The eating contest was about to begin. Yoshi, Poochy, and Little took their positions at the table and were about to start munching on the fruit when suddenly, Bowser came crashing in in a go-kart! "What's goin' on here?!" he shouted. "We're having an eating contest" Little said. "A contest!" said Bowser; "And I wasn't invited!" "Move aside, pup!", "I'm gonna win!" They devoured, devoured, and devoured. At the end, Bowser ate 515 melons, 300 apples, and 60 bananas. Yoshi ate 876 melons. Little ate 495 bananas, 60 bunches of grapes, and 320 apples. Little was still hungry, but he didn't want to eat the melons. After long periods of strenuous counting, Lakitu declared Yoshi the winner by one fruit. We still don't know who can eat more, but that's another story.

Yoshi Story #4

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