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Yoshi Story #4

It seemed like any ordinary day on Yoshi's Island. Little Yoshi was getting ready to go to the Yoshis' school. "Be careful" Little Yoshi's mother said. "Don't worry about me" Little Yoshi replied.

There were many children at the school. Little Yoshi's friend was there. "Hi Gordy," said Little Yoshi. "Hi Little Yoshi." said Gordy. Gordy is another Yoshi. "Someone new is here!" he said.

"Good morning everyone!" the teacher said. "I'd like to introduce a new student of ours! This is Rex." Little Yoshi and Gordy introduced themselves. "Hi, I'm Rex and I'm from Kalaro Island." said Rex.

"Let's get started." said the teacher. Rex observed everything very carefully, especially Little Yoshi. "I heard that you and Yoshi beat Bowser." said Rex. "How did you do it?" We all know Little Yoshi likes to brag a little. "It was a piece of cake." said Little Yoshi. "I heard you used magic panels to beat Bowser." said Rex. "That's right" said Little Yoshi. Gordy was starting to suspect Rex. "How did you do it?" asked Rex. "What part of Kalaro Island are you from? asked Gordy. Rex didn't answer. "Where did you live? asked Gordy.

Gordy and Little Yoshi walked to the corner. "What are you doing Gordy?" Little Yoshi asked. "I think Rex is working for Bowser." he answered. "Are you jealous?" asked Little Yoshi. "Help! Help!" a muffled cry came from outside. Gordy and Little Yoshi looked out the window. There was a yoshi tied up, gagged, and hopping to the school. Gordy and Little Yoshi rushed outside. "What's the matter?" Little Yoshi asked. Little Yoshi pulled the gag from his mouth. "My name is Rex." he said. "The Magikoopa tied me up and changed himself to look exactly like me."

Yoshi Story #4 (Part 2)

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