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Yoshi Story #5 Part Two (The Conclusion of Tetris Attack)

Yoshi was completely buried by garbage blocks! But all of a sudden there was a chain of popping noises! The garbage block started to disappear, row by row. The rows were turning to panels. Yoshi figured out how to clear them by making super chains. He cleared a few panels and panels above them fell into place, clearing more panels, and those above them then fell into place and be cleared, and the process continued until all of the rows of the garbage block had transformed into panels. Meanwhile large garbage blocks were burying Bowser. Yoshi made an extremely long chain. A huge garbage block fell on Bowser! Bowser was being squashed under his shell! He constructed a super chain. But it was too late. Bowser was squashed. "Just you wait and see..!" he yelled. "Look behind you!" Bowser said. Yoshi turned around and nothing was there. Yoshi turned back and saw Bowser appear to fade away.

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