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The Grand Yoshi Adventure

Yoshi was sitting under a tree eating a cart load of fruit. Boy, is today boring. Yoshi felt sort of sleepy, but he thought I shouldn't fall asleep here. I'll just rest my eyes. Then he fell asleep. There was a loud blast. "What's that!!!?" Yoshi exclaimed. He was sucked into a large dark hole, fell, and became unconcious. He found he was in a strange place. It had really tall castles with small bases. He heard lots of honks, beeps, and other strange noises. There were people who looked like Mario and Luigi walking around with bags. At first nobody noticed Yoshi, but a crowd gathered around him. "Wow that Yoshi suit is so realistic!" Yoshi started talking, "Hi everybody, my name's Yoshi. Do you know where I am?", but of course nobody understood him. Yoshi broke through the crowd. He started to walk around. He met a little boy. "Wow! Yoshi! It's great to meet you. Hi, I'm Pete. Welcome to New York City!" Yoshi answered back, but the boy didn't understand him. The boy decided to show Yoshi around. They took the subway to the World Trade Center. Pete and Yoshi followed an adult up to the roof. Yoshi looked down and saw many, many other castles and specks. Then, they went to several stores. Yoshi looked around at all the wonderful things there were. Yoshi couldn't keep his eyes off a strange cute creature that was soft and furry. "What's that?" Yoshi asked. Even thought Pete couldn't understand what Yoshi was saying, he knew what he was thinking. "That's a stuffed bear" Pete said. Pete bought Yoshi the teddy bear. "Here is something for you to remember me by." he said ," "Thank you!" Yoshi said. "I wish you could stay, but I know you have to go home." said Pete. Yoshi nodded. "But how will you get home?" asked Pete.

Part Two

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