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The Grand Yoshi Adventure
Part Three

Yoshi and Pete played games through the night. They played Othello, Chess, Checkers, and Yoshi's Story. "Wow!, the green yoshi looks just like me!" said Yoshi. They went to bed and Yoshi slept next to Pete with his teddy bear. In the morning Yoshi didn't feel well. "Mom, I'm going to buy ice cream now." said Pete. He raced out of the house carrying Yoshi and the teddy bear before his parents could stop him. "You're getting lighter" said Pete. Pete and Yoshi headed towards the supermarket. Dr. Spade and Pete's neighbors followed them in their cars. "Why don't we just grab him?" asked John. "There are too many people around." answered Dr. Spade. Pete and Yoshi walked into the supermarket and went to the fruit section. "Wait, we don't have any money." said Pete. "I forgot to bring it!, let's go home and get it." They started walking home.

Dr. Spade was ready. He grabbed Yoshi and Pete when he saw no one was around. He drove them to his laboratory in Utica (upstate New York). Dr. Spade put Pete and Yoshi into a large cage in the laboratory. Yoshi didn't feel so well. "He needs food!" Pete yelled. Dr. Spade gave Yoshi an apple. Then he took something that looked like and q-tip and rubbed it against Yoshi's skin. He carefully rubbed the q-tip against a piece of glass and looked at it under the microscope. "Yes, yes" he exclaimed. Then he put the q-tip into a beaker of blue liquid. The liquid fizzed and turned green. "It's true!" he exclaimed. "This creature is interdimensional!"

"I can work my dimensional transport machine! I'll be famous!" screamed Dr. Spade. "Now that I have matter from another dimension, I will be able to go to the dimension." Pete's neighbors watched in amazement as Spade revealed the machine. It looked complex and delicate but was the size of a remote control. Yoshi didn't want his home to be used or threatened so he grabbed the keys out from Dr. Spade's pocket with his tongue and gave them to Pete. "Stop them!" shouted Spade.

Pete grabbed the interdimensional transport machine and Yoshi's bear, and ran out with Yoshi. Get on my back Yoshi signaled. Pete got on, and they zoomed off. Even though the cars were fast, Yoshi was faster. But after a while Yoshi couldn't continue because he was so weak with hunger. "What are we going to do?!!"" asked Pete. They stopped and Pete was thinking of how to use the interdimensional machine. They saw the cars coming in the distance and decided to head up the hills. "Let's press everything!!!" Pete pressed all the buttons and then a portal opened showing a view of Yoshi's Island for a brief moment. Yoshi was sad to leave Pete. They hugged and Yoshi got ready to go. He waved goodbye to Pete and said how much he would miss him. Pete understood what Yoshi meant. Yoshi jumped into the portal when it started to shrink. The portal got smaller and smaller. "Wait, you forgot your bear!!!" yelled Pete. Pete threw the bear into the portal after Yoshi.

Yoshi waves goodbye, (we drew this ourselves)

The portal closed. Dr. Spade and Pete's neighbors arrived. "Noooooooooooooo!!!" Spade yelled, "Wait I still have the skin sample." Then Pete smashed the machine to prevent anyone from threatening Yoshi's home. "Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!, I'll never be able to create another one." He dropped to the ground and pounded it. "We will never be able to prove this" the neighbors added. "Oh well, let's go home." The neighbors drove Pete home in their car.

They arrived home safely. "We're never going to let you go out for ice cream again!" screamed Pete's parents. "Go to your room!!!" Pete wasn't sad he was punished. He was glad to have met Yoshi and hoped that one day Yoshi would visit again.

Yoshi awoke hungry under the tree. "What a wonderful dream!" he exclaimed. "It seemed so real." He went home to get some food. As he was walking he thought of his adventure with Pete. He finally got home and there on the doorstep was his teddy bear.

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