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A Yoshi Story

Yoshi was going for his usual run on his island. Then he saw Poochy, and asked him to come along. They walked for a while and saw something weird. The rainbow which they were jogging on had stopped off. Oh no! Kamek!

He had returned even after Yoshi and his friends beat him in Tetris Attack. "Don't worry Poochy, we can defeat him." Yoshi brought out his blocks and started fighting. Don't ask me how.

Yoshi seemed to be winning at first but Kamek turned out a series of "Hocus Pocuses" (Poci to be grammatically correct) he was using magic to put Yoshi under his spell.

Poochy, quickly thinking, decided to go and get Lakitu, Bumpty, Dr. Freezegood, Clawdaddy, etc to help them. Everybody worked together to beat Kamek.

But that wasn't enough. Just kidding. They beat Kamek easily. But oh no who's coming! Oh nothing that's just Little Yoshi. "Just Little Yoshi!" Little Yoshi said. "Why, I'm just the star to the show!" "Of course you are! they all exclaimed. Of course you are!" The rainbow reappeared, and they all went jogging together.

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