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Yoshi Story #2

One day Yoshi went for a drive in his go-kart at the racing track. He was driving along the track when he saw Mario, Koopa and Bowser. "Hey let's have a race!" said Koopa. Bowser decided to have a race on Ghost Valley Three in the Super Mario Kart tracks. "I don't think that it is such a go idea without Lakitu, what if we fall off and he isn't there to catch us?" asked Koopa. "I don't know about you guys but I'm not going to fall off" said Bowser. "We're not going to take that!" said Mario. "We aren't?" asked Koopa. Yoshi didn't know what to say, so he just went along with it.

They got into racing position. Yoshi was in the lead, followed by Koopa, then Mario, and Bowser. Bowser gained speed and sped ahead of Mario. Yoshi was not having a good driving day, and neither were the other players. They bumped off the wooden guards at the edge of the track.

Bowser was gaining on Koopa, and they bumped each other many times. Mario curved around them and was chasing after Yoshi. Bowser screamed out "WHAT?!!!" He stepped on the pedal and was gaining speed. He zoomed past Mario, and head straight for Yoshi. Yoshi curved to the side, and pressed on the brakes when he saw a hole after turning at the curve. It was too late. Yoshi headed straight for the hole. He hit the zoom and the jump spot and leaped over the hole. That was a close one. Bowser wasn't so lucky, he fall into the hole. Oh no, what are they going to do? Does anyone have a fishing pole?

Yoshi looked down the hole, and grabbed Bowser's leg with his tongue. Bowser shot up like a speeding bullet. "Good thing I grabbed his leg instead of his spikes, I couldn't see him in the dark." Yoshi said. Mario finished the race and Koopa came in second. But they all declared Yoshi, the winner for good sportsmanship. "Want to race again?" asked Bowser. "Why not?" they all said.

Yoshi Story #3

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