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Yoshi Story #4 Part Two

"Huh?" inquired Little Yoshi. He thought about it for a moment. "See! I told you so." Gordy said. "They do look exactly alike." said Little Yoshi. Because almost all yoshis look alike, no one had noticed. "Stay here Rex, I have an idea." Little Yoshi and Gordy went back into the school and up the stairs. "Hi, let's have lunch together." said Rex. "Okay" Little Yoshi said. Little Yoshi, Gordy, and Rex got on the lunch line. They each scooped a huge pile of fruit onto their platters and sat down at a table. Little Yoshi and Gordy started to indulge themselves. Rex ate slower. "Not hungry?" asked Gordy."I ate a big breakfast" he answered. Not hungry?! thought Little Yoshi, that's definitely no normal yoshi! "So, how did you beat Bowser anyway?" asked Rex again. "Oh, it was easy, we sprinkled Yoshi's magic powder on the panels."said Little Yoshi. "Do all yoshis have access to it?" inquired Rex? "Of course" said Gordy. "We got it at The Yoshis' Shop." After school, Little Yoshi and Gordy followed Rex. He went to The Yoshis' Shop and looked around. Then he left in a hurry. Gordy started going after him, but Little Yoshi stopped him. "I know what he's going to do." Later in the evening, they returned. Meanwhile, Rex got ready to go to the shop. When he got there, Little Yoshi and Gordy were ready. They watched Rex take all of the jars labeled magic powder and run out of the shop. The followed in quick pursuit. After running into the woods, Rex transformed into the Magikoopa and opened a few of the jars. He sniffed the powder insde. Waaaachhoooooooo! Achoo! Aaaaaaaaaaachooo! He sneezed and sneezed and sneezed again. Little Yoshi had labeled sneezing powder "magic powder"! Little Yoshi and Gordy couldn't help laughing, laughing, and then laughing some more. The magikoopa couldn't stop sneezing for a week."I'll get you-choooooo- for this you yoshis!!!!!!" screamed the Magikoopa!

Yoshi Story #5

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