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Yoshi Story #5 (Tetris Attack)

This yoshi story is based on the version of Tetris Attack for SNES. (This comes before Yoshi Story 1.)

It had been raining for 10 days straight. This was very unusual on Yoshi's Island. The inhabitants were worried. Yoshi was sure that this was being caused by a spell of Bowser's goonie, the Magikoopa. Yoshi decided to look for Lakitu. He went running on the rainbow path toward his home in the sky. Something was very strange. Rain was falling from storm clouds over it. When he got there he saw Lakitu and Goonie. Before Yoshi could say a word, they began to attack him with magic panels! Yoshi was shocked but defended himself. He realized that they were under the spell. After careful observation, Yoshi figured out how to reverse the spell. He had fight Lakitu and Goonie by arranging magic panels in in threes to make them disappear. After an intense battle, Yoshi finally freed Lakitu from the spell. Lakitu and Yoshi went to the Glacial Bumpty and Dr. Freezegood and freed them. Yoshi had more trouble freeing Poochy and Grinder from the spell, but he learned to clear more than three panels at a time. He used this method to free Flying Wiggler and Eggo-Dil, and Froggy and Clawdaddy. After that Yoshi freed Gargantua Blargg, Lungefish and Flopsyfish, Raphael the Raven from the spell. Yoshi had to go into Mt. Wickedness to reclaim his home, and kick Bowser out! They went into the cave and started to walk across a thin path. After freeing all his friends, Yoshi was tired so Lakitu fought and beat Hookbill the Koopa. Then Froggy fought the Piranna Plant. The Piranna got buried under a pile of small garbage blocks. Yoshi felt better so he decided to fight again. After an intense battle of panel placing, he beat the Magikoopa. Yoshi looked and looked. Where was Bowser? The cave began to darken. A humungous Bowser was getting up from the bottom of the cave. "Who is it? Who dares to wake me from my nap?"; 'What? You, a simple Yoshi? Silly little one. Taste the bitterness of my wrath!" They began to fight. They moved the panels so quickly, their movements could barely be seen. Bowser gave a HUGE garbage block! What was happening?! Yoshi's friends started to panic. AHHHHHHHHH!
Bowser was winning!!!!!!!

Yoshi Story #5 (Part 2)

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