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The Grand Yoshi Adventure
Part Two

Pete decided to take Yoshi home and then think of a way for Yoshi to get home. They went home on the subway. "Mom! Guess who I found! Yoshi!" "Where have you been?!" ; "You said you were going out to buy ice cream! We were worried about you!" shouted Pete's mother at him. "Sorry, mom. I saw Yoshi and forgot about it." he replied. "You've been playing too many video games, son." Yoshi was standing next to Pete. "Where did you get such a big model?" asked Pete's father. "It is pretty cute."said his mother. Yoshi went over to say hello. "Aaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Pete's parents screamed as they grabbed Pete and ran out the door. "Mom, Dad, it's just a Yoshi model. I was trying to trick you to see if it's realistic. I bumped into this Nintendo guy who said I won a free trial of the new Yoshi Walking, Talking Robot! Isn't it realistic?" He tapped Yoshi on his back. Yoshi started running strait toward the wall. All of a sudden, Yoshi dropped to the floor. "Oh no! He must have run out of batteries! I'll take him to the store to get him some new ones." said Pete. Pete rushed out with Yoshi in his arms before his parents could say a word.What will they come up with next? thought Pete's parents. Yoshi and Pete went to the store. "What will we do now?" he asked, "I guess we'll just have to pretend that you're not real." They started to walk back home. "We're back!" shouted Pete. Pete carried Yoshi upstairs. "Boy are you heavy!","What did you eat this morning?" Yoshi thought back to the cart load of fruit. Pete and Yoshi went into Pete's room and started thinking about how Yoshi could get home. The neighbor's son, John decided to spy on Pete's family because he was bored. He got into his usual spying spot in his backyard and used his binoculars to look up into Pete's window. There was a real life, walking, talking Yoshi! John rushed to tell his parents. They rushed outside to see for themselves. They couldn't believe their eyes! They called the paranormal hotline. The guy on the other side of the phone said that he'd send someone over to their house right away. The guy who got to their house couldn't believe it either. "Let's hunt down this creature." he said. "No," objected John's parents, "He's worth more alive." The guy called a scientist named Dr. Joseph Spade. "We'll capture him and do some experiments!" said Dr. Spade.

Part Three

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